John Detmer introduces you to the equipment you’ll be using when you go out with him for a great day of fishing on the beaches of Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, and Cocoa Beach Florida.

In this video John Detmer describes how to set up your surf fishing equipment to give you the best chance of catching fish with minimal hassle.

In this video John Detmer demonstrates the basics of casting a 12 ft. surf fishing rod that he typically uses on a guided trip. As you’ll see it’s quite easy to become an effective surf caster.

The sand flea is an often overlooked bait that can be very effective when used correctly and during the right time of year. In this video we discuss how to effectively fish this bait.

Two of the most common baits used when surf fishing Florida waters are shrimp and mullet. Here’s a great video on the proper and most effective ways to use these popular baits.

Here’s a great introductory video of the basics of surf fishing with clams.

Introduction to an awesome little tool that makes reeling in those 4 oz. weights a lot easier and keeps your weight from getting caught up on rocky bottoms when you retrieve.