Welcome to January 2020 and super surf fishing that the New Year brings to our Space Coast Beaches. We can expect good catches of pompano and bluefish all month long during this transitional period that started in early December with the first real cold front. The bonus of the December cold fronts was that it ushered in the pompano and bluefish bite all along our beaches from Patrick AFB to Sebastian Inlet. January will be more of the same as far as the weather, surf fishing conditions are concerned. I am counting on limits of blues and pomp’s during the month..  

Watch for a continuing weather pattern of cold fronts followed by warm up periods and then another cold front which will result in good fishing days and bad days . However, before the front and after the front surf anglers will catch fish. Clams,sand fleas and Fishbites are still my baits of choice at this time of year for pompano followed by cut mullet for bluefish. 

Want to have some fun: Take a 7/8 foot river rod with a smaller reel spooled with 20 pound test mono/braid fishing line. Slide a barrel sinker onto the running line then add a bead and tie on a swivel, finally add 12 inches of 30/40 pound test leader material to a 3/0 or 4/0 circle hook. Bait with cut mullet, then cast into the trough and hang on.  

Tip: Look for beaches with clean/clear water and a sandy ocean bottom for pompano .Additionally,as the weather/water cools watch for sheepshead and drum action on beaches with structure/reefs. Many dedicated pompano anglers try to catch their sand fleas a day or two before they go fishing; “can’t beat live sand fleas for pompano and sheepshead “.

See You On The Beach