November arrived with a brand new crop of predators. Bonnethead sharks, bluefish, whiting,sheepshead and black drum are in the surf this time of the year. As the weather changes to a more dominate fall / winter pattern my angling instincts drive me to the surf. I just don’t know what I’ll catch on any given day. Might catch a sheepshead one day and several blues and whiting the next.  Surf anglers note these yearly weather changes and are prepared for them on our Space Coast Beaches.

Anglers fishing the surf are repoting catches of sharks, whiting and drum and blues from Port Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet. Additionally,there are some reports that bait pods are still in the surf which is having the effect of drawing predators near shore. One current beach surf fishing tactic is to catch your bait (mullet /spots) with a castanet.Then with a single hook (3/0 to 5/0) circle hook cast the live hooked  bait into the trough and wait for the bite. From inlet to inlet live and cut bait of shrimp,clams,fishbites are all producing results for surf anglers.The best fishing times, are at first light and early evening. 

Tip: “Redfish Sandwich” 

I have a tip for you that you can use all year long and especially during the winter.I got it from a surf angler who along with his surf fishing buddies are regulars on the Space Coast Beaches. He uses the name Redfish and thats what I call it. 

Their may be other anglers who use the “Sandwich” but, Redfish was the first to tell me in detail about it, so I consider him to be my source. So when the fish don’t bite or it’s so cold all the fish and humans have run for cover, consider the “Redfish Sandwich” before you pack up and leave. Many anglers both fresh and saltwater alike have used products that impart a scent to their hooks/lures. Where the Redfish Sandwich differs is that the angler is scenting the live or cut bait he is fishing. The product Redfish uses is called Fishbites and it comes in a number of different scents, clam, shrimp and crab to name a few. The sandwich I’ll describe for you is using the clam scented Fishbites sold in local tackle shops. Redfish buys it in strips and cuts it into small pieces so when surf fishing with clams and the bite goes dead he makes a sandwich. First he puts a piece of clam scented Fishbites on the hook, followed by a fresh clam piece and finishes it off with another piece of Fishbites. It’s that simple and it works, keeps the clam in place and scents the water just like chumming you own bait. Even if small fish eat the clam off the hook the Fishbites continues to draw fish in because of the scent and it being harder to tear off your hooks than the clam.