July ushers in the summer doldrums which is a weather pattern marked by flat ocean conditions, and light westerly winds. Added to these conditions is the heat index skyrocketing and crabs eating the baits of the surf anglers hooks. To combat the crab problem the “Redfish Sandwich” was invented by a local surf angler who fished our Space Coast Beaches. The problem was to keep the bait on the hooks long enough for the fish to find it before the crabs ate the bait off the hooks. The answer came with a product called Fishbites that continues to get great reviews from the local surf anglers. The baits stay on the hooks longer and do a very good job of catching whiting, sheepshead, pompano and drum. The Fishbites product comes in several different scents, clam, shrimp, sand flea and in colors that include red, yellow and pink. Finally, the product needs no refrigeration and can stay in you tackle bucket until required. The Redfish Sandwich is communally used when fish won’t bite and/or the crabs are eating the baits off the hooks before you can get the rod into the rod holder after the cast. The sandwich is deployed as follows: Using fresh clam and Fishbites, hook a small piece of clam scented Fishbites on your hook follow that with a fresh piece of clam and finish it off with another piece of Fishbites. It’s that simple and works with shrimp, sand fleas and clams. Keeps the clam in place and scents the water just like chumming you own bait. Even if small fish/crabs eat the soft clam the Fishbites continues to draw fish to you hooks because of its scent and being harder to tear off the hooks than the clam.