I got thru April without catching one Spring Beaker or any others of the two legged species. The regulars and weekend anglers caught black drum, sheepshead, whiting and a few pompano throughout the month. Additionally, schools of Spanish mackerel made several runs up and down our beaches and anglers with short rods (8 -9 ft) and small silver gigs had some great action.   May is a transitional month into summer and also the start of the Annual Sea Turtle Nesting Season (May 1st to October 31st) along our Brevard County Beaches. This is a special time when the surf anglers, visitors, and families can see nature at its best. Loggerhead, Green and Leatherback Sea Turtles come ashore and lay their eggs where we fish and play. This Annual Sea Turtle Nesting along our Brevard County Coastline is one of nature’s great events. Please give them the space to do what nature intends. Tip: “Mays fishing tactics”  Walk the beach with a 7/8 foot rod and reel with a few hard plastic lures in the floating(popping) and sinking (sub surface) variety for fishing close to shore on a raising tide. I like to park at the beach, taking rod/reel and a small back pack with just what I think I’ll need for the outing. I practice as I fish with each of the lures trying to improve my presentation and targeting skills. Note: Wash the lures off in fresh water after using them and you will keep them longer as they won’t rust out.  Wherever you go and however you fish, sea grasses and dirty water are a plague to the surf angler. Look for clean water on a raising tide. You can’t go wrong with shrimp, clams and/or sand fleas. The earlier you hit the beach the better , also seems to be a good practice for a number of successful anglers.