I am looking to thaw out, enjoy the warm sun and catch more fish in March. However,that will include leaving my comfort zone and favorite beaches. I propose to fish different beach locations with deep water and well defined troughs and holes. I am betting that the pompano , black drum and sheepshead will be feeding on the small bait fish and sand fleas near shore. I don’t know if this will be productive every day but, I’m going to give it a try. Surf fishing in March should be excellent on our Brevard County Beaches. Look for the species above along with whiting, bonnethead & blacktip sharks in the surf. Live sand fleas, clams and Fishbites will be the best baits and should account for the majority of fish caught during the month. Tip: The Redfish Sandwich – – A Baiting Tactic. The product used in the sandwich is called Fishbites and it comes in a number of different scents: clam, shrimp and sand flea to name a few. This example describes using clam to make the sandwich. First put a small piece of clam scented Fishbites on the hook, that is followed by a piece of fresh cut clam and then finished with another piece of Fishbites. It’s that simple and it works, keeps the clam in place during the cast and when it hits the water if gives off a clam scent along with the fresh cut clam. It’s like chumming your own bait. Even if a small fish/crabs eats off the soft clam the Fishbites continues to draw fish into you hooks as the Fishbites is harder to eat off the hooks than the fresh clam. Tight Lines John