January was a great month for Space Coast Anglers. Reports from the Cape Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet raved about the pompano and whiting bite.

What I did notice was the lack of reports on winter bluefish. I am expecting the bluefish run to start in late January or early February. I really like the bluefish run as the blues come racing down the beach eating everything in their path. Rods going off and anglers running to reel the fish in and rebait to catch another blue. It’s great fun and two or three bluefish (15 to 18 inches) can feed a family. January was good but, February will be another great adventure of the surf angler. I am counting on a warming trend in February as the month progresses and expect that surf fishing will continue to improve daily. Don’t let me lead you astray here, there are going to be cool/cold mornings but the days will warm up and so will the fishing. Anglers using Fishbites, clams and shrimp for pompano and mullet for the bluefish can have an exciting day. I will be targeting beaches with deep troughs and fewer people for my fishing. The public beaches will be packed with surf fisherman on weekends in February so I would suggest early starts and hot coffee. Just one last observation: I have a fishing buddy who says if you’re going surf fishing the earlier the better. This angler is from Michigan and vacations here in Brevard County ever winter and fishes just about every day. He tells me that there are many times in the mornings that he has several fish in his cooler before anyone else joins him on the beach. So I suggest his tactic for a successful surf fishing trip in February. Arrive early at the beach, have the right baits and fish a raising tide. Finding a beach with a deep trough and clean water completes the surf anglers puzzle. Tight Lines John