Join Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet expert surf fishing guide, Captain Lukas, for a great day of fishing on the sandy beaches of Florida’s Space Coast.

Pull up a beach chair, grab a drink, and get ready to catch some fish. With 20 years of surf fishing experience off the beautiful beaches of Cocoa Beach and Melbourne, Lukas will provide you with a memorable day of fishing action. Bring your family or some friends. With surf, sandcastles and sun, this outing offers something for everyone, and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

Dedicated to surf fishing in the Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet area.

Captain Lukas is one of only a few professional fishermen whose guided service is exclusively dedicated to surf fishing along the central east coast of Florida. Not only is Captain Lukas passionate about fishing, but has taken up the art of teaching this skill with an immense pursuit. The love of sharing his knowledge with others and empowering them to experience successful results consistently is what drives him to teach anglers. Whether it’s a novice angler yearning to fish like a pro or an experienced angler interested in learning more advanced techniques, Captain Lukas has you covered and will bring your fishing game up to par in no time. Book Captain Lukas now for a private charter to learn the art of surf fishing and walk away with all the how-to knowledge that will embolden you through countless future surf fishing memories that you can share with friends and loved ones!

Central Florida’s premier destination for fisherman and beachgoers

Less than an hour east of Orlando lie the beaches of Florida’s space coast. The variety of outdoor activities and adventures available on the shores of Cocoa Beach and Melbourne, Florida make the space coast an outdoorsman’s and vacationer’s paradise. Pompano, whiting, bluefish, sharks and much more are possible catches on these abundant shores. The large variety of fish species that call this area home, really adds to the surf fishing experience.

4 Hour Morning Surf Fishing    
1 Angler   $199
Up to 4 Anglers   $399
Each Additional Angler   +$99


There are many other species to be caught near the shores of Cocoa Beach and Melbourne. Including the hard fighting snook, powerful redfish, and the acrobatic ladyfish also known as the “poor man’s tarpon”. Sheepshead, black drum, whiting and much much more round out the possibilities in the surf. These species are highly prized by the surf angler for their food value and/or fighting ability. It’s this variety that makes a day of surf fishing the waters of the Space Coast a fishing adventure the entire family can enjoy.


A member of the jack family Pompano can be found throughout the coastal waters of Florida. Their diets consist primarily of clams, small crabs, shrimp and other invertebrates. These fish are prized for both their recreational and food value. While capable of getting as large as 8 lbs., generally we’ll catch fish weighing 2 – 3 lbs. Don’t let the size of these fish fool you. They’re a very athletic fish that will put up a great fight when hooked.


These fish are aggressive and ravenous feeders, that tend to move in schools throughout Florida’s coastal waters. They’re such aggressive feeders that often a bare hook will catch fish when thrown into a school of feeding fish. While the record bluefish catch for Florida is over 20 pounds, most fish caught are in the 2 – 3 lb range. These hard fighting fish make for great surf fishing action.


There are a wide variety of sharks to be caught off the beaches of Cocoa Beach and Melbourne. Some of the more common varieties are Nurse sharks, bonnet head sharks, and lemon sharks. We’re not talking Jaws here! These sharks can be 5 – 6 feet, with the majority being under 4 ft. Not coveted for their food value they are none the less a fun fish to catch, and catching one is always a real thrill for fisherman both young and old.