April has got to be better than March. High winds and cold mornings sure put the skids to my surf fishing. It even caused charter cancellations during the month. But, and there is always a “But” those who faced the cold(40 degree) mornings, high seas(12 Ft) and winds(25/35 Kts) were rewarded with whiting, black drum and a few pompano according to local reports. My results were a mixed bag of keeper pompano, a fair number of whiting and drum. Not what I would call killer results but, it kept me in the game and going back again and again.

April’s forecast has a much happier slant for the surf angler. I really believe that the planets have finally aligned themselves just right for my surf fishing. The incoming westerly winds, mid 70’s water temperature and average 77 degree weather conditions on the beaches will make April a banner month for surf fishing. Fresh clams, Fishbites and frozen shrimp will be the go to baits and anglers just need to add clean water and start fishing. This tactic does not always work but, it’s a great place to start for any days fishing.  

Bait Suggestion:
Fishbites is a scented bait that continues to get outstanding reviews from the local surf anglers. The company has been around for a while but during the last number of years the product has made a great impact on our surf fishing. According to my fishing buddy Scott these baits work and he has been using them regularly throughout the Winters. He says that the baits stay on the hook longer and do a very good job of catching whiting, sheepshead, pompano and drum. The bait is also used extensively by river fisherman to tip their trout touts and gigs. The Fishbites I use comes in 12 inch strips so that you can cut off as much or as little as you need or in pre-cut pieces called “Fish’N Strips”. They have several different scents, clam, shrimp, crab,flea and in colors that include red, yellow, orange and pink. Local tackle shops have them on hand and they are a good value for any fisherman. Finally, the product needs no refrigeration and can stay in you tackle bucket until needed. I suggest you check out Fishbites at your local tackle shop and give it a try. You may become as hooked as Scott on Fishbites. 

See you on the Beach 

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