The bite improved in late February with pompano, whiting, jacks and black drum in the surf. Various beaches from Patrick Air Force Base into the Melbourne Beach area reported good fishing. Fishing right before cold fronts in clean water worked well for anglers. I also noted that the catch ratio improved on the tide changes either incoming or outgoing. Fishing right into the tide change without a bite and then just at the change the bite would start.Suggest fishing just before cold fronts and thru tide changes to see if that improves your catch.

March: Warming waters and a major change to a spring wind/weather pattern should bring increased action for surf anglers. March is defiantly a transitional period, which could light up the pompano bite all along our Brevard County Coast. With that in mind, I offer a few suggestions that I hope will give the surf angler a good base to operate from while challenging their own local beaches.

1) When the bite is slow, change baits often and cover as much water as you can with each cast.

2) Use long rods (12/13 ft) for distance and shorter (10/11 ft) rods in close.

3) Anglers who do not fish often need to check with their local Bait & Tackle Shop before they head to the beach. The shop staff are usually more than happy to share good news about catches, baits, rigs, times of day and locations to be successful.

4) When surf fishing, fresh bait equals fish just about every time.

5) When fishing for pompano, whiting, drum and sheepshead during March use live sand fleas,Fishbites and clams.

6) One last tip from a winter visitor and it’s worth repeating. Seems the angler was having trouble holding onto slippery pieces of fresh cut clam and then putting it on his hooks. As expected the clam piece slipped out of his hand and fell to the sand. Picking it up the angler noticed that with the sand stuck to the clam it was easier to hold while putting the bait on his hooks.”Who New” He suggests sprinkle a little sand on the fresh cut clam strip before putting it on the hook. This helps in handling the slippery clam and provides greater control while getting it on the hook. The sand washes off the bait when it hits the water during the cast.

Tight Lines John.

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